Whole Genome Bioinformatics

TBC’s experienced bioinformatics staff provides a comprehensive bioinformatics service for next generation sequencing customers, which enable them to utilize all the applications that are possible with billions of bases of sequence data per run.

Our basic analysis service involves:
1.Iage analysis, base calling and sequence alignment
2.Generation of sequence reads, base quality scores and quality control data to be sent to the customer.
3.Providing a detailed report to the customer that interprets the quality control metrics and sequencing run statistics.

Our bioinformatics team also providesadditional services for our next generation sequencing customers that include:
1.Sequence polymorphism and structural variation detection for re-sequencing projects.
2.De novo assembly.
3.Digital gene expression analysis.
4.ChIP-Seq analysis.
5.Visualisation of sequence data within a genome browser.