PCR Diagnostic Kit

1. TBC produces a wide variety of Nucleic Acid Amplification PCR Diagnostic Kits including respiratory and intestinal pathogenic bacteria diagnostic products. 

2. Except for the sequences published on the GenBank, we sequenced a wide variety of strains. Blasting with GenBank and TBC’s database, all the primers are well designed, which ensure the extremely high specificity. 

3. All the products were verified by conservative and sensitivity experiments. Utilizing TBC’s rich strain resources, each kit was validated by more than 20 standard and clinical strains to ensure the conservation. Normally, 40 closely related strains were tested to ensure the specificity of the kits. These quality control procedures sufficiently mark down the false positive and false negative result.

4. High repeatability: All the products are validated by a large variety of strains, which ensures the 100% repeatability.

5. We provide high sensitive and specific detection. 103cfu/ml sample is required for a typical experiment.

6. All ready to use reagents including controls hence no errors while reagents preparation.

7. Total amplification time required is least possible, which normally takes 3-4 hours.  

8. 6 months shelf life leading to no wastage of reagents and suitable for smaller laboratories.