IMS Detection Kit

One of the most difficult challenges in the analysis of microbiological samples is to separate the organism of interest from a sample that is high in background debris. Immunomagnetic separation (IMS) is one technique that has been developed to accomplish this in a rapid and reliable way. This laboratory tool can efficiently isolate cells out of body fluid or cultured cells. It can also be used as a method of quantifying the pathogenicity of food, blood or feces.


IMS is based on antibody antigen reactions. Specific antibodies against to the desired target are linked to the beads either directly or indirectly, using beads precoated with a secondary antibody that has specificity for the primary antibody. Coated beads added to a sample suspension in a tube will bind to the target molecule. The beads-target complexes can be separated from the environment to the side of the tube using a strong magnet and recovered or removed depending on the object of the method.


Separate 100cfu target bacteria from 106cfu/ml background debris. False positive <3%,false negative: 0


E.Coli O157:H7/NM Immunomagnetic separation Kit
Shigella Immunomagnetic separation Kit
Salmonella Immunomagnetic separation Kit (A-Z)
Salmonella Immunomagnetic separation Kit (A-O67)
Vibrio cholera O1/O139 Immunomagnetic separation Kit